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Marketing Plan for Rain at the Palms †Business Paper

Marketing Plan for Rain at the Palms – Business Paper Free Online Research Papers Marketing Plan for Rain at the Palms Business Paper Overview: Rain nightclub is located in the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a 25,000 sq. ft. nightclub with six bars, and two floors. It employs over 250 people, with me being one of them. On the top level it has six skyboxes which overlook the whole club, and come equipped with couches and a TV, and can easily fit a party of 15-20 people. One level down there are six cabanas for parties of 8-10 people, and than one more down are our water booth tables for parties of 4-6. The rest of the club can pack in 3600 dancing maniacs on the main floor. Rain is one of the top competitors in Las Vegas for this market but over the years the numbers at the doors has been declining dramatically. Life expectancy in this line of business is very short, and they are very fortunate to have lasted this long, but now it is the time to do some drastic changes to regenerate some more business. The plan will increase the attendance at Rain and increase table sales, as well as inform our tar get market of 21-35 year old tourists with money to spend about all the events and changes coming up. Environmental Factors: There are a select few other competitors that have opened in the past two years that have affected Rain’s business. There is Pure inside Caesar’s Palace and Tao at the Venetian. These are our two main competitors that took a huge percentage of our clientele away. In the next month Jet, a new nightclub in the Mirage, opens for New Years Eve so now is the time that a plan of action needs to come together. One environmental factor that hurts business a little is the fact that Rain which is inside of the Palms is located off the tourist filled strip. The people would rather take a $2 cab ride to a closer venue than to pay $5, or what ever it is, to leave the strip. The hotel is always filling their rooms up, and even the people staying at the Palms are getting in cabs and going to other nightclub venues besides the one rite downstairs. Target Market: Our ideal targeted customers would be 21-35 years old, single males and female tourists, and locals with a yearly income of $30,000 –whatever. People in this age bracket that come into Vegas are not coming just for the shows and the gambling any more. A majority of them are coming specifically for the nightlife. They sleep all day, get up and go to dinner, and than hit a club. This is ideal for Rain because they can do some package deal with their restaurant the N9NE Steakhouse. I chose this market because lets be real†¦.mom and dad do not go out to the clubs together, and grandma and grandpa definitely do not, only on rare occasions and they are getting laughed at. Objectives: The objective of this marketing plan is to increase numbers at the door and to increase table (bottle) sales. Goal is to increase the number of people coming in to the club 25%. So if we do 2000 people on a Friday night, than after the plan is in affect we should expect 2500 guests. As for bottle sales the goal is to increase the number of bottles sold a night by 15%. If 30 bottles are sold on Thursday, than 35 should be sold the following Thursday after the plan has been put into action. Product: The product is liquor plain and simple. How you get them in there and make them want to stay is the atmosphere of the club itself and the crowd. We can provide the atmosphere, but we have to entice the crowd to come in. People go to nightclubs depending on the crowd. If there is a line outside the club than people are curious as to what is happening inside. So your customers at the same time of being customers they are also the product that is selling your club. People want to go to the clubs where the beautiful people are. As far as the liquor goes, we offer every type from the low end choices to the $5,000 dollar bottle of Louis XIII. Also the entertainment value, and the music we play can be our product because another main reason why people choose the clubs they go to is to listen to music and dance. Rain plays a little of every type of music. They cater to every type of music preference and have a humongous dance floor to get down on. Price: This market is definitely price sensitive and low priced items would be preferred over high priced items. Liquor is liquor and depending on where you are drinking it the prices will vary. A beer at the local pub is around two to three bucks. In any given popular nightclub in town its about 6-7 dollars. A shot of well vodka goes for about 10 bucks in the club and 5 in a local bar. That is if you’re just buying drinks at the bar. If you have a table you have to do bottle service, which policies differ in every club, but usually when you do this you not only have to purchase the bottle of liquor that you and your party will be drinking, but you have to buy the actual table as well. Now the bottle prices in every club for a bottle of Grey Goose lets say goes for $350 dollars, including juices and excluding red bulls. And for every two more people in your party after 4 people you have to buy another bottle of liquor. If we were to drop the price just a little and changed some of those policies we could sell a lot more tables. Than there is also cover charge which recently was raised from 20 a head to 25. Place: Location is great for locals and bad for tourists. It is located a few blocks west of the strip on Flamingo across from the Rio. This is convenient for locals that come see a concert at this venue and don’t have to put up with the traffic of the strip. As I mentioned earlier though tourists tend to like to stay on the strip near the hotel that they are staying at. Overall though, it is an excellent location for a nightclub, especially the Palms because they cater to our target market as well. Promotion: This is a large FB company that has venues nationwide so I know they have some dollars for some promotions. One that is very cost effective though is to hire an e-mail girl to get the contact information of our guests coming in so we can send them all of our up coming parties and events. As I mentioned earlier maybe doing some cross promotions with the steakhouse. Like bring your receipt from dinner at N9NEto the cashier at Rain for free entry. Give passes to the guests staying at the Palms for free admission. Drop the bottle prices on Thursdays to regenerate some table reservations. Buy one get one free bottles on Thursdays. Promote a locals night once a week where all locals get in for free to start generating more word of mouth within the city. Hire a promotions street team to go out earlier in the day Thur-Sat passing out fliers in all the major casinos. Run radio ads in Vegas and L.A. since half of our customer base is young adults driving into Vegas from Los Angeles. Hand out punch cards for our bottle service guests like a subway card. Buy 6 bottles get one free. Ghostbar at the palms is owned and operated by the same company two but they are two different venues with two different covers. Maybe on one of the slow days a week like Thursday do a two for one cover of $25 for both clubs. Marketing Control: The e-mail girl at the front would really help out keeping our focus on the type of customers frequenting our club and allows us to have access to them directly for promotions. Also for complaints because when we e mail them our up and coming events there will be a link to our website where they can post complaints, or remarks. There are not many budgetary constraints with this company. Also when getting their contact info to include their zip code so we can keep track of the locals and to know where the majority of our customers are coming from so we can run ads in their parts to constantly re-inform them of the fun they had here. Target Market ? Dual income couples with kids that live in the Seven Hills, Anthem area. This group has high income, little discretionary time, and propensity to want to eat out (but not necessarily fast food). This market demands convenience, high quality, freshness. Healthy items should be available as well to especially appeal to mothers. Objectives The objective of this marketing plan is to increase awareness of Rocco’s NY Deli, and through increasing awareness impact sales. Goal is for sales to increase 20% over the next 3 months, and then sustain through the year. Dips in sales will be responded to with promotional offers. Next year the plan will be reassessed Strategy: Marketing Mix ? Product: current product offering is good, maybe offer a few healthy items to appeal to the â€Å"Moms,† definitely move on the alcohol license and get a credit card/debit machine. Currently have a case of frozen foods, add a case with ready-made items in the refrigerated section. ? Price: this market is not necessarily price sensitive, and higher quality items would be preferred over low cost items. Marketing Mix ? Place: location is great, right on the way home from work for many working parents, perhaps making a delivery option available too. Need an Internet site where they can see the menu and place an order from home or work. ? Promotion: this is a Mom and Pop organization so limited dollars, consider placing bouncing arrows to increase attention to the restaurant, pass out fliers in the karate, dance and learning centers offering families a price promotion and also magnets that families can place on their refrigerators that have the phone number; blanket the area homes with promotional fliers, and if any formal advertising is done, focus on the Henderson area, maybe in the View section of the RJ. Have â€Å"awards† for patrons that bring in new patrons (discounts on pizzas, etc) to help increase word-of-mouth. Marketing Control ? Every customer will be greeted on entry to the deli. Sometime within their visit they will be asked â€Å"how did you hear about us.† There will be a list behind the counter to keep track of those responses. Additionally, all promotional fliers and coupons (and advertising) will need to be collected in order to receive the discount so we can determine which promotion is directly getting the customer in-the-door. The sales during an â€Å"arrow† day will be compared to a similar non-arrow day to see whether that is an effective tool. If advertising is done in the RJ a similar comparison will be done to determine if it is â€Å"worth† the cost. The word of mouth offers will also be tracked and efforts will be made to establish relationships with those patrons. Research Papers on Marketing Plan for Rain at the Palms - Business PaperBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfThe Fifth HorsemanIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalDefinition of Export QuotasTwilight of the UAWThe Project Managment Office SystemHip-Hop is ArtGenetic EngineeringNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceWhere Wild and West Meet

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Critical Thinking Master Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Critical Thinking Master - Case Study Example The commitments by his team members or his Boss regarding iScanner are not valid because they do not know the bigger picture. Pat is trying to put her weight on him because she holds a senior designation in the company. Marketing personnel have the habit to jump to conclusions in the spurt of their aggression without trying to understand the product capabilities and positioning in a market segment. Pat hasn't done her homework in estimating the sales performance of the proposed product. Chris hasn't done his homework in concluding the budgetary figures The Organization hasn't developed any new product for more than a decade and hence lacks expertise in the same. Chris said yes to the plan under pressure from Pat and Cliff. He has not given due diligence from his side as well. Assumptions by Pat Lambert: Pat has a sound retail background and hence feels that her thoughts about the market are more powerful than survey reports and data analysis. She is more than convinced about the success of her idea. Getting into an innovation will ensure ample time to Pat thus taking her away from immediate revenue target pressures After reading the high level specifications of the iScanner software, Pat assumed that slight modifications in the product will make it suitable to be used in the application of her thought. Pat got a positive response from Kelly in a discussion that, in the perspective of Pat was a serious discussion while Kelly assumed that it is a casual discussion out of curiosity. Pat took his positive reply as "Technical Approval". An approval from Chris is good enough for her to build a proposal to Cliff. Kelly is too junior to be involved in the bigger picture at this... Kelly is proud to be the key architect of the iScanner Software and hence assumes that no plans in the company pertaining to this product can be successful without his approvals. He got mad when he came across a number of features defined by Pat that were discussed with his Boss and the CEO but not with him. He is not worried about the safety of his job in the company. Whatever might happen to others in the organization, he is convinced that his job cannot be taken because he is indispensable for the organization. Pat got a positive response from Kelly in a discussion that, in the perspective of Pat was a serious discussion while Kelly assumed that it is a casual discussion out of curiosity. Pat took his positive reply as "Technical Approval". An approval from Chris is good enough for her to build a proposal to Cliff. Kelly is too junior to be involved in the bigger picture at this stage and specifically when he has already given his so called "Technical Approval". Pat thought that after seeing the approvals from Cliff and Chris, Kelly will immediately get to work (given his level in the company, he is not supposed to question her decision and their approvals).

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Media Portrayal of Women Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Media Portrayal of Women - Research Paper Example Subsequently, the longer the exposure and the more they internalize the model figure, the greater is the detrimental effect. According to the study, "The psychological processes through which the mass media act as a strong sociocultural influence on women's body dissatisfaction, and subsequent body-shaping behaviors, were only poorly understood previously" (66). Another study by Marika Tiggemann, Janet Polivy and Duane Hargreaves entitled, "The processing of thin ideals in fashion magazines: A source of social comparison or fantasy," also shows the effect of the thin models on the psychological make-up of women. The results of the study "indicate that women do engage in a moderate amount of both comparison on the basis of appearance and fantasy processing (imagining being the woman)" (88). Women consciously and subconsciously compare themselves with the model (positively or negatively) which will then result to fantasy and, worse, to obsession. The common speculation for the reasons why women, both young and mature, "buy and read magazines" are "for inspiration, self-improvement and pleasurable fantasy," but "this does make them feel positive in general" (89). In this case, the more a woman is exposed to these good-looking models the more she fantasizes and aspires to be like them. The foregoing studies bring us to the common sickness associated with negative body-image. The article "Dissatisfaction with Our Bodies and Eating Disorders" that appears at The Feminist eZine - Health enumerates the detrimental health effects of women who are dissatisfied with their own bodies. According to this article approximately 80% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Many resort to dieting in order to attain their desired size. Moreover, the source of their dissatisfaction is media portrayal of women. What media show are the "excessively thin, beautiful, young and flawless models" and that "women are repeatedly being exposed to these types of images both in printed ads, television, and movies." Consequently, dieting leads to eating disorders. Statistics show that the three most common eating disorders are: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Women suffering from anorexia nervosa have an irrational fear of becoming obese, a preoccupation or with their weight and food, a distorted body-image, persistently starve themselves and deny their appetites (, 2004). Bulimia, on the other hand, is "categorized by a binging and purging cycle. According to Wardlaw (2003) as cited in this article, "women affected by this eating disorder eat large amounts of food in one sitting (binge eating) which is followed by a purging from the body through vomiting, misusing laxatives, diuretics, or enemas. In addition, bulimics often use alternate methods such as intense exercise or fasting to balance the effects of excess calories." Still another disorder is

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Sir Philip Sidney Essay Example for Free

Sir Philip Sidney Essay â€Å"Thou blinds man mark† one of Sir Philip Sidney’s most famous poem, he writes about desire. In the poem Sir Philip Sidney complains about desire yet he shows us how he was able to overcome desire. He starts off in the poem by saying the following â€Å"Thou Blind Man’s mark, thou fools self chosen share† He uses the sentence as a metaphor to compare desire to a snare. Sidney sees desire as a trap, if were to get a hold of one’s life. Sidney also compares desire to a â€Å"Web of will† which interprets his meaning of it as a trap. The trap is strong on its victims and has very prominent effects.In the second stanza Sidney exclaims â€Å"Desire, desire! I have too dearly brought.† Sidney uses all these as repetition to show his true feelings of how desire has truly made him undeniably suffer. It shows how much time he has wasted instead of worrying on the more important thing life beholds. He learned to pay for desire with a â€Å"Mangled mind† The toughest thing was getting over it but Sidney shows desire wouldn’t completely engulf him.In the beginning of the sestet he blatantly speaks of his overcoming of desire, though it did control most of his life. He uses anaphora to highlight desire â€Å"In vain thou hast ruin sought.† In the ending of the third stanza, the speaker gives us the idea of him not being able to fall in desire, virtue brought him back. It gives a great turn point on the complexity of his life.The end is quite overwhelming along with the last two lines of the poem. He speaks of reward after everything he has gone through with desire. To the end of the poem it reads â€Å"Destiny naught but how kill desire.† The paradox enforces that even though he has overcome it doesn’t mean he is finished with. Further more in thou Blind Man’s Mark Sidney couldn’t truly conquer desire because it is a lifelong battle and that trying to control it can destroy s person in the process. It isn’t something you can live without but live with and battle.

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Comparing Owens Dulce et Decorum Est and Cranes Do Not Weep, Maiden,

Comparing Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est and Crane's Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is Kind  Ã‚   Both Stephen Crane's "Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is Kind" and Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est" use vivid images, diction rich with connotation, similes, and metaphors to portray the irony between the idealized glory of war and the lurid reality of war. However, by looking at the different ways these elements are used in each poem, it is clear that the speakers in the two poems are soldiers who come from opposite ends of the spectrum of military ranks. One speaker is an officer and the other is a foot soldier. Each of the speakers/soldiers is dealing with the repercussions from his own realities of the horror of war based on his duty during the battle.            The speaker in "War is Kind" is an officer who grapples with his own conscience in an internal monologue. He is struggling with his feelings of guilt over leading younger soldiers into battle and his military responsibility to cover up the truth. One way of interpreting this poem is to consider that the officer is attending a traditional military funeral for one of his soldiers. This can be seen in the way the stanzas are set up in the poem. In the first, third, and fifth stanzas, the speaker appears to be consoling the weeping loved ones of a soldier who died in the war. This would normally be the job of an officer who leads a regiment into battle. Consoling the family members is a powerful tool for conveying the reality of war. Addressing loved ones of a deceased soldier illustrates the loss and suffering to be dealt with by those left behind. He speaks to a "maiden" (1), a "babe" (12), and a "mother" (23), thereby, conveying one of the most significant truths ab out wa... ...and Consulted Cather, Willa. "Stephen Crane's Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is Kind." In Willa Cather on Writing: Critical Studies on Writing as an Art. Lincoln: Bison-U of Nebraska P, 1988: 67-74. Crane, Stephen. â€Å"Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.† The Modern Age Literature. Eds Leonard Lief and James F. Light. 4th Ed. Holt, Rhinehart and Winston; New York, 1981. p. 137 Grualman, Robert Edward, Jr. "Wilfred Owen." Critical Survey of Poetry. English Language Series. Rev. ed. 5. Ed. Frank N. Magill. Pasadena: Salem P, 1992. 2530-2531. Kerr, Douglas. Wilfred Owen's Voices: Language and Community. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993. Knapp, Bettina L. Stephen Crane. New York: The Ungar Publishing Company, 1987. 172-174. Owen, Wilfred. â€Å"Dulce Et Decorum Est.† World War I British Poets. Ed. Candace Ward. Dover Publications, Inc; New York, 1997.

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Coffee Bean Inc.

Coffee Bean, Inc. (CBI), is a processor and distributor of a variety of blends of coffee. The company buys coffee beans from around the world and roasts, blends, and packages them for resale. CBI currently has 40 different coffees that it sells to gourmet shops in one-pound bags. The major cost of the coffee is raw materials. However, the company’s predominately automated roasting, blending, and packing process requires a substantial amount of manufacturing overhead.The company uses relatively little direct labor. Some of CBI’s coffees are very popular and sell in large volumes, while a few of the newer blends have very low volumes. CBI prices its coffee at manufacturing cost plus a markup of 30%. If CBI’s prices for certain coffees are significantly higher than market, adjustments are made to bring CBI’s prices more into alignment with the market since customers are somewhat price conscious.For the coming year, CBI’s budget includes estimated manuf acturing overhead cost of $3,000,000. CBI assigns manufacturing overhead to products on the basis of direct labor-hours. The expected direct labor cost totals $600,000, which represents 50,000 hours of direct labor time. Based on the sales budget and expected raw materials costs, the company will purchase and use $6,000,000 of raw materials (mostly coffee beans) during the year.The expected costs for direct materials and direct labor for one-pound bags of two of the company’s coffee products appear below: |   | |   | |Mona Loa | |Malaysian | | | |Direct materials | |$ 4. 0 | |$ 3. 20 | | | |Direct labor | |0. 30 | |0. 30 | | | CBI’s controller believes that the company’s traditional costing system may be providing misleding cost information.To determine whether or not this is correct, the controller has prepared an analysis of the year’s expected manufacturing overhead costs, as shown in the following table: |Activity Cost Pool | |Activity Meas ure | |Expected Activity for the Year | |Expected Cost for the Year | | | |Purchasing | |Purchase orders | |1,710 orders | |$513,000 | | | |Materials handling | |# of Setups | |1,800 setups | |720,000 | | | |Quality control | |# of Batches | |600 batches | |144,000 | | | |Roasting | |Roasting-hours | |96,100 roasting hours |961,000 | | | |Blending | |Blending-hours | |33,600 blending hours | |402,000 | | | |Packaging | |Packaging-hours | |26,000 packaging hours | |260,000 | | | |Total manufacturing overhead cost | |$3,000,000 | | | Data regarding the expected production of Mona Loa and Malaysian coffee are presented below.    | |  Ã‚   | |   | |Mona Loa   | |   | |Malaysian | | | |Expected sales   | |   | |100,000 pounds | | | |2,000 pounds | | |Batch size   | |   | |10,000 pounds | | | |500 pounds | | | |Setups | |3 per batch | |3 per batch | | | |Purchase order size   | |   | |20,000 pounds | | | |500 pounds | | | |Roasting time    per 100 pounds | |   | |1 hour | | | |1 hour | | | |Blending time   per 100 pounds | |   | |0. 5 hour | | | |0. hour | | | |Packaging time   per 100 pounds | |   | |0. 1 hour | | | |0. 1 hour | | | 1.Using the direct labor-hours as the base for assigning manufacturing overhead cost to products, do the following: a. Determine the predetermined overhead rate that will be used during the year. b. Determine the unit product cost of one pound of the Mona Loa coffee and one pound of the Malaysian coffee. 2. Using activity-based costing as the basis for assigning manufacturing overhead cost to products, do the following: a. Determine the total amount of manufacturing overhead cost assigned to the Mona Loa coffee and to the Malaysian coffee for the year. b. Using the data developed in 2(a), computer the amount of manufacturing overhead cost per pound of the Mona Loa coffee and the Malaysian coffee.Round all computations to the nearest whole cent. c. Determine the u nit product cost of one pound of the Mona Loa coffee and one pound of the Malaysian coffee. Write a brief memo to the president of CBI explaining what you have found in (1) and (2) above and discussing the implications to the company of using direct labor as the base for assigning manufacturing overhead cost to products. MEMORANDUM To:The president of CBI From: Date: Subject:the implications to the company of using direct labor as the base for assigning manufacturing overhead cost to products. 1) Per pound cost of the Mona Loa coffee and the Malaysian coffee as per traditional costing system is $ 6 and $ 5 respectively. ) The manufacturing overhead assigned to each pound of the Mona Loa coffee and the Malaysian coffee is same because the direct labour hours required for manufacturing each pound of coffee are same 3) Per pound cost of the Mona Loa coffee and the Malaysian coffee as per Activity based costing system is $ 4. 83 and $ 7. 15 respectively. 4) Following are the implication s to the company of using direct labor as the base for assigning manufacturing overhead cost to products: 1. Price determination under existing costing system (using direct labor as the base) is not accurate. Under activity based costing cost is calculated more accurately than existing product costing system. 2. Higher prices of popular product affect market adversely.As the customers are price conscious company can sell Mona Loa Coffee (which is more popular) at lower price and can increase its market share if the cost is calculated accurately. 3. As company uses relatively little direct labour, direct labour is not an appropriate basis for applying overheads to products. 4. By using activity based costing company can discontinue its non-profitable products or suggest appropriate price for those product 5) Activity based costing allocated indirect cost more accurately . It helps in reducing the cost by eliminating unwanted activities Helps in improving product and customer profitab ility. Activity based costing helps in forecasting and planning.

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Time Machine by H.G. Wells Essay examples - 1013 Words

Time Machine by H.G. Wells Works Cited Missing In 1895, Victorian Britain was very much Great Britain- the workshop of the world. Since the Industrial Revolution technological advancement had changed the face of the country (shape, structure and appearance). Heavy industry demanded fossil fuels and therefore there was a heavy demand for mine workers. Growing transport demands led to new roads being built. Life in 802,701 seemed very different to that of 1895, it was a time of easy going and a very laid back time. Everything about this time was different †¦show more content†¦The Eloi live off a life of pleasure and are the over-landers, they are very small and fragile with a very weak character Their hair, which was uniformly curly came to a sharp end at the neck and cheek; there ears were singularly minute. The mouths were small, with bright red, rathe r thin lips, and the little chins ran to a point. The eyes were large and mild, that was a quote from the book in which Wells describes the Eloi in a very detailed fashion. The Morlocks were the masters of the land and these used to be the exploited labourers, they were the mine and factory workers who worked in appalling dark conditions. The Morlocks feed off of the Eloi which is a class of cannibalism, they have total control over the Eloi which is totally the opposite to when Wells wrote this book, the Morlocks, the workers, had no say in what went on all they were there to do was to work hard in appalling conditions. The Morlocks are ugly looking creatures and work underground in dark surroundings, they are subterranean beings and they have totally adapted to this environment, in the book Wells describes them as small, white moving creatures with large bright eyes he says it looked like a human spider. The Morlcoks eat the Eloi as that is there only source of food Clearly, at some time in the Long Ago of human decay the Morlocks food had run short. Possibly they hadShow MoreRelatedThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells Essays712 Words   |  3 PagesTh e Time Machine by H.G. Wells In this essay I am going to discuss Wells use of contrast in the Time Machine. This will include contrast from the Victorian era to the future era, but also contrast in other sections. During a lot of the book contrast is based on revealing intelligence and general lack of it. It is also shown as what the time traveller thinks will happen and what actually does happen. A lot of these contrasts are quite regularly compared to the contrastRead MoreEssay about The Time Machine by H.G. Wells1441 Words   |  6 PagesThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells Works Cited Not Included Time traveling, a concept known to modern man as inconceivable, but in The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, this fathom of human fantasy has come to life. Wells entangles a unique blend of contrasting characters, conflicts of capitalist verses laborer divisions, and foreshadowing of the destruction of humanity to seem together this novel of visionary proportions. The Time Machine is a bleak and sober vision of mans place in the Universe.(McConnellRead MoreH.G. Wells The Time Machine Essay examples1296 Words   |  6 PagesWhen the time traveler thought of the future he made assumptions that would suggest that the in the future, society would act in a progressive manner. He believed that society would be free of disease, that the human species would be very advanced compared to the humans in his time, and that the human beings in this society would not know fear because of their advances in technology. These assumptions are soon proven false early on when the time traveler thought he à ¢â‚¬Å"†¦had built the time machine in vain†Read MoreH.G. Wells Time Machine and Its Relativity with the Victorian Era2096 Words   |  9 PagesH.G. Wells Time Machine and Its Relativity with the Victorian Era Herbert George Wells was an English writer from the nineteenth century. He was born on September the 21st 1866 in Bromley, Kent. He first wrote a book when he was eleven; although this was not published it was a great achievement. He won a scholarship to the school of science, but he failed due to his other interests such as history, journalism, sociology and writing. His dad was a pro cricketer and a Read MoreThe Hopeless Outlook for Victorian Society in H.G. Wells The Time Machine912 Words   |  4 PagesSociety in H.G. Wells The Time Machine In the Time Machine, H G Wells writes about what he depicts the future to be like. He explains in great detail his views of evolution and Dystopia. The world he has travelled to could for all he knows be another planet. It is the definition of a Dystopia, with to opposite species living against each other, one calm and peaceful whilst the other is out to destroy the calm species, needing to kill them to live. Wells writes aboutRead More The Relationship Between Eloi and the Morlocks in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells2336 Words   |  10 Pagesand the Morlocks in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells The Time Machine was inventively written as a social critique of the Victorian Era in 1895 by Herbert George Wells, the father of modern science fiction. Wells used the novel to get the messages across on social and political problems at the time when London was on top of the world. The novel criticized mainly on communism, imperialism, capitalism, as well as Social Darwinism. The Time Machine was an adventurous scienceRead MoreSelfish Desires Will Always Corrupt Paradise: The Time Machine† by H.G. Wells539 Words   |  3 Pagesknowledge and complexity. In the novel â€Å"The Time Machine† by H.G. Wells, The Time Traveler, as Wells calls him, travels hundreds of thousands of years into the future through time. He arrives at a world that, at first glimpse, is peaceful and clear of any worries. As The Time Traveler explores the world, he discovers that the human race has evolved into 2 distinct forms. Although the world appeared to be the Garden of Eden, it was, in reality, the Garden of Evil. Wells uses three aspects of the futuristicRead MoreEveryone In The World Has Had Something Or Someone Relatively1489 Words   |  6 Pagesworld has had something or someone relatively close to them that has left an everlasting influence. H.G. Wells is no different than the rest of the world. There were many events and people in his adolescent life that inspired him to become a very successful, wealthy writer. More importantly, they inspired him to write his first, most successful novel, The Time Machine. His novel, The Time Machine, was written under the influence of his unique childhood that sparked his interest in literature, hisRead MoreThe Time Machine - Argumentative Essay836 Words   |  4 PagesTomorrow The Time Machine written by H.G. Wells is metaphorically describing humanity as being peaceful on the surface, but under hidden depths there is a desire to be destructive. In the early chapters of the book, the time traveller expects the descendants of mankind to be super-intelligent, but is disappointed by the behaviour of the supposedly advanced species, the Eloi. His curiosity about the mysterious wells leads to his discovery of the Morlocks and their hidden technology, and what heRead MoreReview Of The Time Machine 1287 Words   |  6 Pagesthought of time travel to the consumers of science fiction: H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. The novel speaks of times so far in the future and yet so similar to both Victorian Era England and the possibilities of the choices humankind has made since then. Let us take a journey to the year 802,701 and see what the future has in wait for us. The story begins in Victorian Era England at a dinner party between professionals. H.G. Wells used this theme to match many other novels of the time. Unlike those